Agile transformation in the human resources sector

It is increasingly important for companies to react flexibly and quickly to changes such as new trends or technologies. In our increasingly complex and fast-paced world, agility is an important factor for corporate success. This is not limited to the management level, but should run across the entire company. Of course, the Human Resources (HR) area also plays a major role in this transformation.

So how can your HR department contribute to agile transformation?

Human resources forms an important interface between all areas in the company. This enables the HR department to contribute to the agility in the company in various ways. The possible tasks of the HR organization range from simply advising employees at all levels of the company to further training and education in the course of the agile transformation. The purely administrative tasks of the HR department, such as payroll accounting, are left aside, as they tend to remain unaffected by the changes.

Agile transformation also means rethinking old structures and models and, if necessary, changing or adapting them. Existing employee compensation models may need to be revised, employee appraisals expanded or new recruitment channels established. A new approach to employee search may even be necessary, especially in areas with a shortage of skilled workers. The topic of employer branding is increasingly relevant in the human resources area and requires flexibility from the organization.

It is also rather relevant to rethink existing hierarchies, as these could hinder agility. It is particularly important to involve managers in this process of agile transformation. Management seminars and workshops can give initial impulses and facilitate the change in the divisional and corporate management and opens mindsets for changes and flexibility. In this case, Human Resources can arrange and coordinate the corresponding external or internal contacts.

The topic of digital transformation is also becoming increasingly important, as digitalization has also become an elementary success factor for companies. Innovations in technology today often determine competitive advantages and can be found in all areas of a company, be it in the sales department or logistics. The digital transformation changes a lot in operations, but like the agile transformation it is an important step forward for your company.


In summary, it can be said that the human resources area plays an essential role in agile transformation and should not only act in the background, but get actively involved. HR has the task of developing concepts for implementing change and accompanying employees on topics such as digital transformation and providing training for them. In the course of this change, the role and area of ​​responsibility of HR employees may also change. It is important to understand that this is a process that involves many changes. However, thanks to these efforts, the company is gaining flexibility and adaptability, an important advantage in our world today, which is changing faster and faster, especially as a result of technological advances.

What is certain is that every company is different and therefore there is no right way to tackle the agile transformation. It is therefore important to have a good consultant on hand to accompany you on this path. As external consultants, we also offer you the opportunity to provide impartial support, an important advantage since changes in the company are a sensitive issue and often encourage subjective ways of thinking. In addition, we offer you our full expertise and experience and are available to advise and support you with your projects.

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