HR-Interim Management

In any company, a request of HR Interim Management can arise through a vacancy, illness, parental leave, etc. It is then necessary to find the right specialists for the support at very short notice. We support you.

Focus on HR Interim Management

Such a short-term appointment in the area of human resources always and for all involved means the notorious leap into the cold water – for the external manager as well as for the colleagues in the company. Above all, with the management and with the executives of the human resources department, the external must cooperate well immediately. The main areas of responsibility are:

● Cooperation with the management
● Consulting of executives
● Clarification of labor law and industrial constitution law issues in the transferred division
● Recruiting
● internal transfer, promotion, training

All these areas are part of the day-to-day business of the company, the HR is constantly involved. What happens if it suddenly fails, for example due to illness, termination, pregnancy of the HR clerk or parental leave of a manager? This sudden or at least short-term vacancy can be bridged by HR Interim Management at short notice. After all, the tasks have to be done on a daily basis, but a replacement of the position is out of the question for employment-related reasons (short) illness, pregnancy and parental leave – even with a longer and announced vacancy due to parental leave. In such cases, a freelancer with proven expertise joins in, who masters the tasks with their requirements for a particular qualification. These managers are very often specialized in fields such as:

● organizational development, recruiting and operational management
● IT, Health Care, Energy, Media, Automotive, Telecommunications, Commerce, Medical Technology (Key Industries)
● Compensation & Benefits
● Restructuring and staff reduction
● Transfer of business § 613a
● Coach & Shadow Management
● Change Management & Business Excellence

HR Interim Management: needs of companies

Our client companies typically have acute and often unexpected employee requirements when they request. The support must therefore be fast. Through close contact with qualified managers, we can usually submit corresponding profiles within 24 to 48 hours. It is also about the accuracy: The freelancer not only has time and the job (in terms of distance) can compete, he must also fit the company and bring exactly the desired expertise. Last but not least, the client companies in this critical situation would like to receive basic advice on the topic: Is HR Interim Management now the right solution? How does it work? Which costs arise? How can you quickly get rid of a freelancer if it does not work? How are the contracts designed? How are suitable profiles to be selected at all? Often it is about the extent to which the external manager has to bring industry expertise. The above-mentioned industry focuses are often suggested, they usually require some expertise. We advise you with our years of experience.

Competency determination in HR interim management

Of course, the topic of the industry focus is known. We have therefore divided our pool of experts into industry clusters. This allows us an accurate and, above all, fast staffing of suitable candidates. The pool structure has grown, with our freelancers we have some years of relationships. In addition, there is a special analysis tool that increases the accuracy again. Thus, we can guarantee the competent selection of your preferred candidate. We provide the HR interim management regardless of the company or project size.

Occupy key positions on time

The field of human resources is a key part of every business. Be attentive and contact us in time, if a vacancy comes up. In many cases there is a certain flow. A pregnancy and the following parental leave can be calculated months in advance. Conflicts with a manager, from whom you eventually split up or quit on your own, have been implied on a regular basis for quite some time. We can inform you of your options in the uncertain decision-making phase. The knowledge therefore significantly strengthens your position in conflicts and in negotiations. But even with a very sudden and urgent need as a result of illness or accident we help very fast.

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